27.4.20 Year 6

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are now ready for another week of learning.

P.E – As usual we would like you to start the day with some physical activity, so remember to tune in to Joe Wicks at 9am on his YouTube channel for his daily workout, or make up your own warm-up and video it for me, over the weekend I have been doing small football drills for my 4 year old, hopefully I will get a chance to share some for you to do at home.

Maths – This week we will be looking at week 2 on White Rose which focuses on angles in shapes such as quadrilaterals before ending the week with some problem solving.  Remember to watch the clip first for help before having a go at the worksheet, if you get stuck or need support, you can always email across to myself or Miss Wood for some extra guidance.  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

Literacy – Using the new Government initiative home schooling page developed by teachers – I thought we would follow week 1 which was set last week.


Focus = Newspaper: Reading Comprehension- Fact Retrieval

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to retrieve information from a text.

Science –  Blue planet live activity


  • Why sharks are important
  • Why we need to look after them and the ocean
  • Facts about Sharks
  • In what ways could people help?
  • Pictures

Attached below is an example of how you could present your work but you may need more room.

Reading: On Purple Mash, I have chosen the online story….The Snatch, to focus on this week. Today, start by reading Chapter 1 and have a go at the following tasks located via this link: https://www.purplemash.com/#tab/pm-home/serialmash/serialmash_saphires/thesnatch_live

  1. Multiple choice questions
  2. The Unusal Gadget task

Game activity:  Finally, I would like you to visit the games section on Purple Mash and click on Monster Multiplication https://www.purplemash.com/#tab/pm-home/games. I look forward to seeing your scores later.

Don’t forget to email us your work so we can see what you have been up to. Have a good day!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood